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Our first Swiss Gin! and a clasisc at tha!


First add some XELLENT Vodka. Then put a bit of passion into it! Prior to distillation, the ingredients are soaked in vodka for several hours. This enables the aromas and flavours of juniper berries and herbs like lemon balm, edelweiss, woodruff and lavender to fully develop. Careful distillation and the addition of glacier water are key factors in producing XELLENT Swiss Edelweiss Gin. 


The Nose is fresh to refreshing, with fragrances of citrus, floral aromas and fine hints of Juniper berry. The mouth feel is soft and mellow with spicy components and the finish is with a touch of lemon balm and fresh hints of Juniper berry

This wonderful and unique Gin is best served with a quality tonic water and a garnish of fresh mint! perfect

£43-99  70cl 40% abv

Xellent Swiss Edelweiss Gin


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