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20 Years In The Making

Andy Jones shares his story

"Gin & Jones’ was dreamt of almost 20 years ago when I left university to run our family business when my dad fell ill and needed a quadruple bypass. The original plan was to run it for a year while he got better but here I am twenty years on having found that retail and alcohol sales was what I grew to excel at and ultimately loved doing ! 12 years ago I bought my own shop outright and  have been running the two simultaneously and after a lot of hard work  it is embedded in the heart of our community and I'm incredibly proud to be part of what we have achieved and the service that we offer in an ever increasing difficult retail market. 


Many a Gin & tonic and gin club have been enjoyed over these years. The multitude of tastes and flavour variants plus the never ending combination of cocktails is what I love to experiment with- My wife would say sometimes a bit too much! “But the quinine is so good for you” I would argue. It was this realisation that Gin & Jones was something that I could develop and because of the years of experience in this field, it is a platform where I can share my Gin tales and ideas, provide a service that is unrivalled and a price that competes.


I hope you choose Gin & Jones as your preferred drinking partner, know that you will be looked after for all your gin needs and more- born out of hard work to succeed and a driving ambition to please you- our customer. 

We look forward to working with you. Andy Jones"

Did You Know?

Gin & Jones have our very own mixing club where you can get inspired by learning our favourite Gin cocktails and sharing your preferred methods with our other customers! 

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