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The UK's No.1 Gin Hamper Specialist

As the name suggests, this gin is named after the fifth taste or “savouriness”.

The base flavour for this spirit comes from South Italian capers. Audemus Spirits source these capers directly from a grower cooperative and distil them at 45 degrees to maintain their fresh aroma. The glutamate molecule is responsible for our tongues ability to taste umami. The distillery achieves this flavour by combining a glutamate-rich infusion of parmesan with the caper distillate…and two other secret ingredients. The blend then rests in an old cognac barrel for several months. The result is a lightly savoury spirit with an entirely unique flavour profile. Try with  a quality tonic and garnish with a zesty lime or lemon stir and enjoy! 50cl 42%

Umami Oak Finished Premium Gin

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