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Following the phenomenal success of our Steampunk Gin: Extremely Rare, we wanted to offer you, those of a more daring disposition that is, a Gin that was equally fine in it's crafting but with more alcohol to warm the cockles of your heart... so here it is - "Rascal Strength" Steampunk Pirate Gin.


Weighing in at a mighty 45% alcohol by volume, this tipple is not for the faint hearted!  Crafted with juniper, arris root, licorice, star anise, lemon, orange and grapefruit zest, this delicious Gin is good enough to sip on its own or to be the base of the finests cocktails.


In keeping with the Pirate theme, this gin comes in a chunky skull-shaped bottle. 50cl

Steampunk Pirate Rascal Strength

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