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What’s in the hamper:

- Four Pillars Christmas Special Gin

- G&J Logo Balloon Glass

- G&J stirrer

- G&J logo Steel drinking Straw

- 2 G&J Stainless steel coasters

- G&J Apron- Wire Lined Hamper Basket


Made with real Christmas Puddings, steamed for 8 hours to Ian's Great Aunt Nellie's Victorian recipe, as hand written in her cookbook and printed on the inside of the back label of this gin. A rich 'cakey' mouthfeel, candied peel and raisins are at the forefront of this gin, which might be taken as a shot from the freezer instead of Christmas Pudding, lengthened with a dash of tonic, or mixed into any festive cocktail. The ultimate Christmas present!

Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin


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