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Small batch - craft distilled. We wanted to create a taste that wasn't just your run of the mill, off the shelf, generic gin. Recipe after recipe was rejected in the search for a gin we felt deserved to be called Masons Yorkshire Gin, a Gin we would choose to drink. Distilled in our copper alembic stills “Steve' & “Leftie” in 200 litre batches, each 70cl bottle bears its own hand written batch and bottle number. With its traditional slow distillation method, pure Yorkshire water and just the right balance of juniper, citrus elements and secret botanical ratio (we even have our own juniper bushes and are awaiting the first crop of berries), we have created a distinctly unique Gin that we are proud to call Masons Yorkshire Gin - the first Gin distilled in Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Spirit Masons is hand distilled in a small copper still named Steve, on the edge of the Dales in a town called Bedale. Our award winning, Dry Yorkshire Gin is a drink with real personality. It's the Yorkshire spirit that everyone loves.


42.55 VOL

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

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