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The UK's No.1 Gin Hamper Specialist

Riesling Wine infused- Our own freshly harvested pear quinces grown right next to the distillery, our Saar dry gin along with an infusion of 2011 Rausch Kabinett go to form our regional homage to British Sloe Gin. The Golden fruit of the Saar

Ferdinand's Quince Gin

  • This completely unique Gin with bold and delightful wine infusion must be tried with a quality Tonic and garnished with Orange first to appreciate the taste. Then try mixing as a;




    2.5oz gin


    Rose’s lime cordial


    Stir ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass.

    Garnish with a lime ring.

  • While we are confident that you will love your purchase from us, We accept returns up to 14 days from day of delivery and offer a full refund providing the products have not been opened or damaged.


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