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The UK's No.1 Gin Hamper Specialist

Fenney Street Blush is the fruit variation of our signature floral gin. Fresh strawberries, raspberries and apples are used to infuse and complement our 13 hand selected botanicals to produce a refreshingly sweet yet smooth fruity gin.

Unlike most flavoured gins, we only use the freshest of fruit to add all of our flavour and this really makes a difference on the palate compared to artificial flavourings.

Fenney Street Blush is such a versatile spirit that it lends its self to most types of tonics, however we recommend using a light tonic for the perfect serve. Garnished with fresh cut strawberries or raspberries to enhance the flavour. Beware though - It is incredibly difficult to say 'no' to another...... 50cl 42%

Fenney Street - Blush

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