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Lebanese Mint, Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Lemon Peel, Cassia and Orris The quest at Daffy's was and is to make the world's best London Dry Gin - not a sweetened or heavily flavoured gin but a London Dry Gin so good that you can enjoy it straight. Daffy's uses a ‘slow cook' distillation process, distilling for 9.5 hours instead of what would normally be around 4 hours. This, as with slow cooking food, allows us to keep great depth of flavour and finesse with none of the harshness or burn. We distil with Lebanese Mint, a soft salad mint. This gives the spirit the toffee, buttery, creamy notes that give Daffy's its great length when drunk straight. The adventure started with our discovery of what Lebanese mint can bring to the finest gin. Balanced with eight other carefully chosen botanicals, we have created an exceptionally fresh, smooth, and truly original gin with complexity and balanced charm.

Daffy's Dry Gin



    2 parts Daffy’s

    1 bar spoon orange marmalade

    A dash of Crème de Menthe green

    ¹⁄₃ part elderflower cordial

    ¾ part lemon juice


    Shake the gin, marmalade, Crème de Menthe, cordial and lemon juice together with the ice for ten seconds.


    Double strain into a coupette glass with a sugared rim. Garnish with dry lemon and mint.

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