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Diversification has always been at the heart of Brindle Distillery. In what you would call a diversification of sorts, we have aged each of our Cuckoo Gins (Signature, Spiced and Sunshine) for 60 days in ex-bourbon barrels, to produce limited edition batches for Cuckoo followers and curious gin fans to enjoy

The delicate and brief ageing process adds such a lovely extra dimension to the gins we produce. Our Signature Gin has gained more enhanced smoothness, whilst our Spiced Gin’s flavour has deepened through the smoky back notes of the oak barrel. Sunshine gin is sweet to start with, given the addition of honey, and this really comes to life with hints of vanilla from the barrel.”

42% Proof 70 cl

Cuckoo Sunshine- Cask Aged

£40.00 Regular Price
£38.00Sale Price
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