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A Dutch gin by way of America. With a recipe discovered by drinks historian Dr. David Wondrich in the early 19th Century book 'The Practical Distiller', the New York Distilling Company is making what was once old, new again with their Chief Gowanus New-Netherland Gin.

The Chief Gowanus is made with a base of unaged, double-distilled rye whiskey, which the New York Distilling Company just happened to have lying around, as if they were in the process of making their own aged rye. With a good helping of juniper berries and Cluster hops, the kind which would have been used around the early 1800s, it goes through a third distillation in a traditional pot still and is then aged for three months, creating a smooth, robust genever-style spirit for the new generation.

As with their previous releases, the New York Distilling Company have named the gin after a great New Yorker, this one being Chief Gowanus, the Native American chief of the Canarsees who was around when Brooklyn was still Dutch.

Nose: Spicy rye and Cluster hops come through, along with the juniper, but the cask maturation does its job. There are no sharp edges here. Blueberries, Jelly Babies, pepper and anise develop.

Palate: There's a chalky minerality and slighty herbal graininess, sublte coriander and eucalyptus, reminiscent of oude genever style whilst remaining quite light and nimble.


Chief Gowanus Gin

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