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The UK's No.1 Gin Hamper Specialist

Using whey alcohol from the local dairy farmers in Cork, together with our own natural well water and an interesting mix of locally foraged and grown botanicals, we have hand-crafted a gin that highlights the character of Bertha in her prime-A legendary cow of record breaking age and fame in cork!

And what a name!! The mere mention of it raises eyebrows, poses question, taxes the mind and brings a smile to the lips. Hurrah, our work here is nearly done!

Like any good Irish tale, the story behind our wonderful Bertha’s Revenge Gin is a tapestry of good fortune, endeavour and passion. Funnily enough, our gin took about 10 months from conception to birth, not a dissimilar length of time to the average gestation period for a cow! 42% proof 70cl


Bertha's Revenge, Irish Milk- Ireland

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