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The UK's No.1 Gin Hamper Specialist

All the ingredients for the Berlin Dry Gin are carefully combined by our partner who inspects each bottle individually. The production is limited to 9,999 bottles annually, due to the small harvest volume. Bottling and numbering are done attentively, by hand. This guarantees that every drop of gin comes from a precious place, is produced in a loving environment and thus brings a unique character to the glass.

The foundation of the gin’s strong character lies in the juniper. The flavour is perfectly rounded off with a hint of fresh blossoms and a unique freshness. It carefully balances smooth, soft and flowery nuances with the complex and refined foundation of a classic gin. The floral notes harmonize perfectly with the sophisticated juniper aromas. It’s unique character unfolds wonderfully when served on the rocks. Enjoyed in its purest form it is neither boring, nor overpowering. 43.3% 70cl

Berliner Brandstifter-Germany

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