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The UK's No.1 Gin Hamper Specialist

In a world where quality is often sacrificed for cost and speed, Berkeley Square London Dry Gin stands alone as a gin of unrivalled quality. No corners are cut in the pursuit of absolute perfection – from the quality of the ingredients used, to the unique way in which it is distilled, to the way it is finished with precision by hand, this award-winning gin is the pinnacle of the gin category today.

Created by the experts at England’s foremost gin distillery, G&J Distillers, Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is an ultra-premium gin that is distilled to perfection.

Best experienced neat- first through its aroma and then sipped to immerse yourself in the intricate blend of botanicals; kaffir lime, basil, sage and lavender.It is best enjoyed with a single basil leaf.

70cl 40%vol

Berkeley Square London

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