October Gin Club Answers

Question 1: Who did Prime Minister John Howard call the 'greatest living Australian' in 2001? Answer: Don Bradman Question 2: The original lyrics of Waltzing Matilda were written by which Australian poet? Answer: Banjo Paterson Question 3: In Australian slang, what is a matilda? Answer: A bundle of belongings or sleeping equipment Question 4: Name Australia's most ever successful female Olympian? Answer: Dawn Fraser (Swimming) Question 5: Australia has the world's longest fence; it was first built in the 1880s to keep which animal out of the fertile south-east of the country? Answer: Dingoes Question 6: What sport do Australian's Quade Cooper and Israel Folau play? Answer: Rugby Question 7: How many kangaroos are estimated to live in Australia: (a)340,000, (b)3.4 million, or (c)34 million? Answer: (c) 34 million Question 8: In which month of the year is Australia Day? Answer: January (26th) Question 9: Summer Bay, is a fictional television seaside town, is in which Australian state? Answer: New South Wales Question 10: What is the national gemstone of Australia - it's by far the world's largest producer of them? Answer: Opal

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