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The perfect liqueur flavour achieved over time by gently steeping the finest sloes in Plymouth Gin and soft pure Dartmoor water. It resonates Rich sweet flavours of sloes with cherry elements on palate with a smooth hint of almond. The making of fruit gins has long been a tradition in the English countryside, and Plymouth sloe keeps true to a recipe dating back to 1883. The sloes are handpicked from blackthorn bushes. The berries are then frozen before being steeped in Plymouth Gin until the flavour has reached the desired intensity.


26% Volume

Plymouth Sloe Gin

  • Fresh tasting and easy drinking perfect for long cocktails- like the ‘fruit cup’ but there is a cocktail that is made for Plymouth sloe and is the


    Green Deacon


    1.5oz Plymouth gin

    1oz grapefruit juice

    0.75oz Plymouth sloe gin


    Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled absinthe-rinsed glass.

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