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This Raspberry Ghost captures the flavour of delicious Kentish raspberries at the peak of their aromatic ripeness producing a spiprit with memerising taste!

They begin this labor intensive spirit by fermenting rasperries to develop complex aromatic compounds and produce alcohol for later distillation. At the same time they infuse more berries in wheat spirit and then combine these together and distill the lot in a beautiful copper pot still. They call it a Ghost in homage to the German name for this technique, Geist

The berries in this drink, too imperfect for supermarkets, were collected from a local fruit farmer and saved for your drinking pleasure. All distilled with 100% renewable energy, this really is a drink that makes a difference. Drunk neat the Raspberry flavour can be quite elusive at first; the spirit really comes alive with the addition of some sweetness and sharpness. So drinking as a long drink with tonic (try Fever Tree Mediterranian Tonic) really enhances the spirit. Garnish with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.70cl 40% ABV

Greensands Ridge Raspberry Ghost

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