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An Dulaman is inspired by the Donegal coast and the ingredients around the Sliabh Liag Peninsula. The gins name comes from the traditional song 'Dulaman na binne bhui' made famous by Altan, Clannad and other famous irish singers and songwriters.


An Dulaman is mad using only the finest sweet kombu (sugar kelp) Dillisk (dulsk), pepper dulse, carrageen moss and chanel wrack. Pepper dulse known as the 'truffle of the sea' is the shyest of these coastal treasures and can only be harvested on a full moon when the tides and the wild atlantic work in our favour.


'The result of this devilishly narrow cut is a taste that captures fresh juniper, an umami richness and a dry tang of a sea breeze' says James along with wife Moira the companies founders. 43.2% 70cl



An Dulaman Irish Maritime-Donegal Ireland

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